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Panasonic WES9068Y Blade for ES-8163/62/61/68 Shavers

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Designed For:Panasonic ES 8103, ES8101, ES8101S, ES8103S, ES8109, ES8109S, ES8109S503, ES8161S803, ES8162, ES8162S803, ES8163, ES8163S803, ES8163S811, ES8168, ES8168S803, ES8243, ES8243S803, ES-8249, ES8249S, ES8249S802, ES8807S, ES8807S803, ES8901, ES-GA21, ES-LA63, ES-LA63S803, ES-LA83, ES-LA93, ES-LA93-K, ES-LT71 Wet/Dry, ES-LT71-S, ES-SL41 ¦ Panasonic Arc IV ES8243A, ES8243K, ES8249K, ES8249S ¦ Panasonic Pro-Curve ES8101S, ES8249S803, ES8249S811, ES-GA21-S, ES-LA63-S


  • Replacement blade designed and assembled to custom fit your specific shaver model
  • Simply remove the worn blade and snap the new ones into place
  • Help maintain the level of grooming comfort and satisfaction you demand from your shaver
  • It ensure optimum flexibility and results
  • Install in a few seconds


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